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| Last Updated:12/09/2020

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Go Green, Be Seen




Don’t have enough space for a garden? Fret not; you can still incorporate plants in your home by using them as decor pieces



As a plant lover, Remedios was adamant to find solutions. He bought a few interesting ceramic planters to flaunt his house plants. When he couldn’t find interesting pots, he used old coffee mugs, and placed them at various places in his home. This way, he beautified his home, purified the air and also nurtured his hobby.



Here are a few ways through which you can incorporate them in your home without causing too many changes in the existing décor.





Soften the edges and corners where two walls meet by placing large leafy tropical plants like Rubber Fig or Philodendron. This trick helps maintain the continuity of the room and blurs the margins, thus giving an easy flow to the room.



Utilise plants, especially the flowering plants, to brighten up your centre tables or other platforms in the house. When floral plants meet wooden furniture pieces, an attractive visual is created. Also, having several tiny flowering plants on the dining or coffee table gives a mellow pop to the space.



Hanging plants like Pothos or Jade vines from the ceiling, window tops or from the top of the bookshelf provide a height to the room. Placing plenty of these hanging pots by the window would be a pleasant way to bring the exteriors inside and help erase the view of the concrete jungle.



With house plants being known to show an increase in productivity, work desks can be an excellent place to keep them.



“Succulents are the most maintenance-free plants in the flora kingdom. With fleshy bodies, succulents are designed to withstand desert environment and therefore, do not need constant watering to stay alive. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be kept in unexpected spots to give your house décor a twist. For example, magnetic planters can be used to showcase succulents on your fridge door, thus livening up an otherwise drab piece of furniture.”



Bonsais are a work of art. In many cultures, it is believed that having a Bonsai at home brings good luck and prosperity to the home. They make for beautiful statement pieces much like a piece of expensive painting on a signature wall and thus, are a better alternative if you have a shortage of space to decorate your living room.



Miniature herbs like mint, coriander, basil, etc that are often used for cooking can be grown at home in small planters. The experience of eating something that you have grown is quite exciting and provides a sense of self-sufficiency that is unparalleled. A small herb wall is a great idea to liven up your kitchen space.



You can liven up your bathroom by installing a small planter featuring plants that don’t necessarily need too much light.














Source: Times of India, 04 May 2019, Chennai.