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| Last Updated:12/09/2020

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Forest dept turns reclaimed barren land into greenery with native species





A few months ago, 10 acres on the eastern side of Nanmangalam forests wore a deserted look. Now the area features several rows of saplings of native species, which have grown more than three feet.




Sharing details about the project, Chennai district forest officer V Subbiah told TOI that 40 acres of the Nanmangalam forest was given to a private college more than four decades ago on the condition that the entire area should be utilised by the college, otherwise the allocated area will be taken back by the department.




However, the college management utilised only 10.33 acres of forest land and the remaining was kept vacant. Following this, the department moved the court and got back the entire 40 acres of land last year. After that saplings were planted in the area to give a greener look to the barren land. More than 300 saplings of native species were planted. These saplings are watered twice a day.




Neem, vaagai, naaval, azhinjil, naruvuli, pungan, marudhu, thandri, vengai, vennangu, nelli, alam, arasam, eecham and atthi are some of the native species of saplings that have been planted in the area. A year later these saplings would become trees, Subbiah said.




In order to stop encroachments or dumping of waste, the department is also building a perimeter wall along the eastern boundary of Nanmangalam forests, located on Kovilambakkam Main Road. One-and-a-half kilometer of the wall has been built so far.





Source: Times of India, 10 June 2019, Chennai.