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Printed Date: Sunday, November 28, 2021

Zoo ensures animals stay cool in summer




The heat is on and the authorities at the Vandalur zoo are doing everything in their power to ensure that the animals and birds remain cool.


Whenever the two chimpanzees, among the most popular with visitors, tire of going up and down the swing in their enclosure they can cool off under either of the two showers provided, said director Yogesh Singh.



While macaws, in loud blue and yellow, or the connures have got a special roof — the top of the enclosure covered with gunny bags that are sprinkled with cool water in the afternoons to bring down the temperature levels — birds such as peacock have been provided with green shade net to avoid heat radiation.



Iced fruits placed along with a block of water are fed to chimpanzees, bears and langurs, the size varying from species to species, and big cats too get meat that is cut and frozen, he said.



The various herbivores such as deer and sambhar, deputy director Sudha Ramen said, can gorge themselves on succulent fruits like watermelon that are frozen just for them. Animals such as giraffe, zebra and the lone wallaby, similar to the kangaroo and a native of the Antipodes, can be seen constantly trotting out to the place where sprinklers have been provided and frolicking in the spray. Bigger animals such as elephants can wallow and bathe in the large water troughs provided within their enclosure.



Ensuring that the animals, the reason why thousands trek to the zoo daily, remain stress-free in the intense heat is vital and the authorities have ensure that their charges are provided a healthy diet, adequate water and a cool place to stay, the deputy director said. The arrangements are constantly reviwed to make sure the animals are comfortable, she added.



SET-UP FOR THE SEASON: To help the animals in captivity beat the heat, the Vandalur zoo has provide (1) giraffes and



(2) zebras with water sprinklers,



(3) peacocks with a green shade net and



(4) Macaws with a special ‘roof’





Source: Times of India, 25 April, 2019, Chennnai.