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| Last Updated:: 27/12/2019

Two leopard cubs rescued from farm land






The forest department recovered two leopard cubs from an agricultural land near Thalavadi in Erode district on Thursday. The cubs were spotted by a few farmhands who went to harvest sugarcane in the field on Thursday morning. They informed landowner K Thangaraj, 38, of Thottamuguthirai village near Thalavadi immediately.





“Workers were panicking that the mother leopard would be around. I pacified them and asked them to inform the forest department,” Thangaraj said. Forest officials from the Jeerahalli forest range reached the spot and rescued the cubs. “The cubs were around 20 days old. They could have wandered out of the forest when the mother was relocating cubs or searching for food,” a forest officer said. The officer also added that they will try to find the mother and unite the cubs with her. “If not, we will send the cubs to the Vandalur Zoological Park, Chennai,” he said.






In safe hands now- Forest officials who rescued the cubs said the little ones were around 20 days old and could have wandered out of the forest when the mother was away







Source: The Times of India, 27 December 2019, Chennai.