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| Last Updated:: 03/08/2019

The tamil month Aadi is about celebrating the community, appreciating the culture and of course, heading out to shop!




With just a couple weeks more remaining in the amazing sale deals, the city is full of enthusiastic shoppers, ready to purchase the products that they’ve long dreamt of owning, at the best prices. Given that this is ‘Salary Week’, this weekend is the best time to head out and grab all the clothes, accessories, electronics, decor and more at pocket-friendly prices.




We know that Aadi is usually a tantamount to shopping, but it’s also a month of prayers. Man has been worshipping nature since forever, in different ways and forms. Even when different religions started gathering followers, the prayers to different forms of nature never stopped. One such important nature worship festival is the Aadi Perukku.







This is the first day of the month. Since it is auspicious to connect oneself to the divine power during this month, weddings or other related functions are not held during this month. The newlyweds have an elaborate prayer on the day of Aadi Pirappu.





Offering Tarpanam is the main part of the Ammavasya in Aadi. Respects are paid to deceased forefathers and it helps their souls attain Moksha. Devotees gather in Rameshwaram, Triveni Sangamam in Kanyakumari and other riverbanks to perform religious rituals.





It is the bangle festival for Goddess Durga – Amman, where the main deity in temples is decorated in a huge garland of bangles.

The bangles are distributed to the women who come to pray, after the Pooja and the rituals are over. It is believed that the bangles keep the evil forces at bay.





This is the most important day of the month. The story of the rivers Aadi Perukku is actually the science of thanking nature for monsoon. Aadi is the month and Perukku denotes the rising of the water levels in different water bodies due to the monsoon. Although Aadi Perukku si observed predominantly by the women of Tamil Nadu, women across India consider this day as a day of prayer to the major rivers like the Ganges, Yamuna, Cauvery, Godavari etc. These rivers are considered as female deities and women gather in large numbers to float lights on the river water and submit their devotion. In Tamil Nadu, this prayer for Cauvery to flow well and irrigate the fields is the main prayer.





It is the Friday before full moon in the month of Aadi. The Ashtalakshmi are offered prayers. Married women perform poojas for the benefit of all family members.





Aadi Velli signifies all the Friday that fall during Aadi. Worshipping Amman during Fridays in Aadi is believed to remove all negative energy and the devotees are bestowed with health, wealth, intelligence and good luck.


Aadi binds the community. By participating in various events, the people re-connect and establish their care for one another. So, while you head out to shop this season, engage with your family and friends, snack and dine with your community. Coming together after all, is the true spirit and objective of celebrations.




Source: The Hindu, 03 August 2019, Chennai.