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| Last Updated:: 30/08/2019

Tamil Yeoman notified as state butterfly






The state government on Thursday notified Tamil Yeoman (Cirrochroa thais) butterfly as the state butterfly in the gazette.




Endemic to Western Ghats, Tamil yeoman was declared state butterfly on June 28 by an order passed by environment and forest department secretary Shambhu Kallolikar.




With the announcement, Tamil Nadu has become the fifth state in the country to announce its state butterfly. Maharashtra was the first to declare Blue Mormon as its state butterfly, followed by Uttarakhand (Common peacock), Karnataka (Southern bird wings) and Kerala (Malabar banded peacock).




The announcement helps conserve the species’ ecosystem and boost ecotourism. It will also draw attention to the need for butterfly conservation. TNN





Source: The Times of India, 30 August 2019, Chennai.