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| Last Updated:: 28/06/2019

Sacred Grove celebration highlights culture of Malayali community at Kavu sacred grove





Conserving the sacred groves of the country, the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalay (IGRMS) celebrated the culture of local communities of the country and encourages the communities living in small villages of different states to preserve their culture. As part of the sacred grove celebration, the museum invited the people of Malayali community at the Kavu sacred groove at the museum.




The people of Malayali community along with former director of Kerala Institute for Research Training & Development (KIRTADS), N Vishwanathan Nair performed the rituals and offered prayers to their deities.




Nair, who is actively involved in the conservation of art and culture, said that ‘kavu’ refers to a dense area of forest, considered to be sacred by the locals. The area is a brilliant example of natural ecosystem and the temperature inside the grove is lower than the city area due to the dense trees.




“in the time when forest are being chopped down and climate change is so prominent, it is our moral responsibility to protect these sacred groves to maintain the ecological balance. You can find relief from scorching heat and find medicinal plants here. You can see most of the rare species of plants and animals in the sacred groves and it is a good initiative by IGRMS to have grown such dense sacred groves in its premises”, said Nair.




He further told the visitors that the sacred groves are breeding areas of many rare birds and bats that play a vital role in the ecosystems as they are important agents of pollination.





Source:  The Times of India, 7 June 2019, Bhopal.