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Printed Date: Monday, December 6, 2021

Restored Trichy tank turns birders’ idyll








There’s a flutter of activity at day break at the Sengurichi tank in Trichy. As hordes of migratory birds swoop in to find a spot on the water body, a group of birdwatchers train their binoculars and cameras at them from the other end of the bank.





Conservation of the Sengurichi tank is paying dividends as the water body has turned into a birders’ spot in the area. Brimming with water after several years, a group of nature enthusiasts say, there has been an increase in the number of birds after the tank was desilted and its bunds strengthened recently. Following which, copious rain over the past few weeks filled the tank making it a hotspot for migratory birds.





“The Sengurichi tank is now full of life and not many in the city are aware that the tank receives migratory birds. Several kinds of migratory birds such as common sandpiper and whiskered terns are flocking in large numbers to the tank this season,” says K Balakrishnan, principal of Bharathi Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Trichy, for whom bird watching is a stress buster. He was at the water body at dawn on Wednesday, taking count of winged visitors along with his friends.





For H Jayaram, student from a city engineering college, this was first-of-its-kind experience. “While we can hardly locate birds within the city, it was amazing to find birds flocking in such large numbers here. This shows that we need to preserve the water bodies and increase the green cover,” he said. Armed with his binoculars, Jayaram plans to get a camera soon to take close-up shots of the birds. Another enthusiast B Dinesh, a BSc computer science student, who had visited the place said he was expecting more water birds, but that wasn’t the case on Wednesday.





“The locals need to stop littering the area and start preserving the natural beauty, so that the birds find a habitat here,” said Dinesh, who has also decided to take the help of his friends and spread awareness on the importance of the ecological importance of the spot among the among the residents in the area.





“The idea of taking a group of people for bird watching was to spread the message that birds are flocking to our backyard and it’s worth a visit,” said Balakrishnan, who believes popularity of the spot will help preserve it as well. Indira Ganesan from a Trichy engineering college has called Balakrishnan to sensitise students on bird watching and motivate them to take it up as a hobby.






Source: Times of India, 02 January 2020, Chennai.