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| Last Updated:: 25/12/2017

Research and Development Work Should Reach People: Minister Dr. Harshvardhan










Research and development work should reach the people in the form of quality product without having any adverse effect on its application. The Union Mminister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change Dr. Harsh Vardhan said this while reviewing works of the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) and the Forest Research Institute on the weekend in Dehradun. 



Along with the Director General of forests, Siddhant Das, the Union Minister reviewed the ongoing activities in ICFRE and FRI. Addressing the gathering of officials on the occasion, Vardhan emphasised that now the time had come to work according to the need of society. 



He said that some new areas of research and development are emerging with the changing scenario in society. Research and development work should reach the people in the form of quality product without having any adverse effect on its application. 



He also impressed upon the need to synergise the research activities in scientific institutes and also to improve the coordination within Government departments for orienting research towards the national level goals also. He expressed his concern on the low productivity of forests adding that the research should focus on bringing out those varieties of forestry species and standardise the practices which would aim at increasing the productivity. 



Efforts should also focus on generating more livelihood options through skill development programmes which would encourage the communities to use the forestry resources on sustainable basis. He stressed on the need for making all out efforts for engaging in research which would make the green cover go up for climate change adaptation and mitigation. 



The Director General of forests, Siddhant Das asserted that the Ministry is always there to support the work being conducted in the council. Earlier, the ICFRE deputy Director General Neelu Gera presented progress report of research and development activities being conducted in the council. 



The council is also working on networking of research organisations and forest departments through All India Coordinated Projects. These projects are based on fulfillment of fuel, fodder and timber requirements, added Gera. FRI director Savita also presented the progress report of the institute.  







Source: The Pioneer