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| Last Updated:: 11/07/2017

Punjab - State push for medicinal plants












AMRITSAR: With an aim to protecting 20,000 hectares of forest area in Pathankot district, the state government has decided to promote cultivation of medicinal plants, which will not only provide a source of income to the local population living in hills and forests but will also create a voluntary force of forest guards. 




"Soil of Punjab hills is very fertile for cultivation of various medicinal herbs, so we have decided to promote growing of medicinal plants," said divisional forest officer, Pathankot range, Sanjiv Tiwari while talking to TOI on Sunday. 




He said that they had raised as many as 74 self-help groups (SHG), which were being provided the required technical knowhow in a phased manner. "We are encouraging cultivation of amla, lemon grass, harar, behra, tulsi," he added. 




The department was providing them with tin sheds, shredding machines, automatic drying machines, and utensils so a dried product was ready to be marketed to ayurvedic medicines manufacturing units.









Source: The Times of India