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| Last Updated:: 04/06/2019

PeTA report says jallikattu bulls tortured





At least 42 people, 14 bulls and one cow have been killed since jallikattu was permitted again under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Act, 2017, according to a PeTA India investigation report, which was released on Monday.




The study, which was conducted between January 15 and February 3 investigated seven jallikattu events in Madurai, Pudukkottai, Dindigul, and Tiruppur districts of Tamil Nadu. The findings, which include video footage and a 73-page report, document extreme cruelty to animals and disregard for human life.




“We have videos showing that bulls were hit with bare hands, whipped and jabbed with wooden sticks,” says PeTA India CEO Dr Manilal Valliyate, adding that their tails were twisted, and yanked to force them to run towards the crowd. Their nose ropes were yanked, causing their nostrils to bleed and panicked bulls fled onto village streets, injuring onlookers and even goring some to death. Exhausted and dehydrated animals were forced to participate in jallikattu after standing in queues for up to 16 hours without overhead shelter or sufficient water and feed, says the report.




Animal welfare activists have been working to prevent jallikattu as it inflicts pain and suffering on animals and also poses a threat to human life. “We had done similar investigations in 2017 and 2018 also. All the studies show that there is inherent cruelty in jallikattu, which can’t be regulated,” says Valliyate. “We have written to the chief minister of TN, and director general of police as well as respective district collectors, superintendent of police and state DGP with the evidence. We have requested district officials not to allow such events and asked the CM to revoke the law so that unnecessary pain and suffering can be prevented,” he says. PeTA India has also written to the Animal Welfare Board of India with the videos and detailed investigation report.




PeTA India’s document exposes bulls being harmed in the 2019 jallikattu events





Source: Times of India, 04 June 2019, Chennai.