Envis Centre, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

Printed Date: Monday, March 27, 2023

Oil from plastic waste




Tackling the plastic waste menace in a novel way, the workers of Pallavaram St Thomas Mount Parangimalai Cantonment produce oil by burning the garbage at 400 degree Celsius. With the help of private players, for the first time in Tamil Nadu, an oil-making unit has been set up using non-recyclable plastic materials and, so far, 5,000 litres of oil have been produced. The scheme has been implemented effectively for the past two-and-a-half months. At Chennai airport, the cantonment staffs collect and segregate the garbage waste, including parcels, tea cups etc in flights and offices, and send them to the oil-producing plant. The plant handles 1,000 kg of plastic every day to get 350 litres of oil. The plastic items are separated and crushed into smaller particles by the machine, then taken and put in a boiler with a capacity of 1,500 kg. After burning at 400 degrees Celsius, the plastic becomes gaseous and steam and eventually turns into oil, which will be used by all companies that manufacture metal. The oil produced here is directly bought by agents and is sold for Rs. 50 per litre.



Source: Deccan Chronicle Chennai, 15/07/2022, pg.3.