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| Last Updated:: 17/04/2019

Its dog days for your pets too, take care, say vets





With the mercury rising steadily, the city is getting unbearably hot for both humans and animals. Pets, especially pedigree breeds, need special care during such intense summers, say veterinarians.



Heat strokes, which are common among human beings, is the issue affecting the health of pedigree breeds most, said veterinarian A V Krishnan, who was the additional director of animal husbandry department.



Dehydration, breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, eyes turning red and the skin becoming stiff are some of the symptoms of heat strokes in pets, said Krishnan. Canines also tend skip meals or eat lesser during the summer, he added.



Heat strokes occur more in puppies and very old dogs, said S V Sujatha, another veterinarian. Another major issue is tick infestation, which can cause tick fever and can prove fatal if not attended on time, she said. Saying the pets have to be washed at least once a week, Sujatha asked pet owners to stock up on powder, tablets and shampoos available in pet shops and clinics to manage tick infestation. “Those who wish to leave their pets in boarding kennels while going on vacations should ensure their pets are administered anti-tick injection beforehand,” she added.



Nose bleeds are another common occurrence among pets during summers, Sujatha said, and asked people to use ice packs and rush the sick pet to the veterinarian.



“While taking pets in their cars is common, locking them in vehicles without ventilation may prove fatal and must be avoided,” Krishnan said.



Just like in humans, feeding juicy fruits and vegetables can make pets feel better, he added. “Pets should not be forced to exercise heavily or be taken out on walks from noon till evening. Keep them in a cool place and wipe their bodies with a wet cloth periodically,” he said.



Many Chennai residents fancy owning hairy pedigree breeds such as Saint Bernards and Siberian Huskies. These dogs will be find it very difficult to cope with the heat due to their thick coats and foreign climate, Sujatha said, and advised owners of pets of such breeds to keep their homes cool at all times.




Source: Times of India, 17 April, 2019, Chennai.