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| Last Updated:: 11/12/2019

Giraffes arrives at zoo








A pair of giraffes, brought under an animal exchange programme, is now a top draw for visitors at the Assam Zoo-cum-Botanical Garden, also known as Guwahati Zoo.




The male giraffe was brought from Mysore Zoo, while the female was dispatched from Patna’s Sanjay Gandhi Jalvik Udyan. It is after a gap of eight years that the zoo is home to giraffes.





“After travelling an epic journey of 3,300 km the male giraffe from Mysore zoo reached @ assamzoo. The male and the female are happy together. It will again be part of the Assam State Zoo after a long gap of 8 years,” Forest Minister Parimal Suklabaldya had tweeted.






Source: The New Indian Express, 11 December 2019, Chennai.