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| Last Updated:: 28/05/2019

Blue Cross can now rescue more animals




The Blue Cross Of India unit in the city will be able to rescue more injured large animals such as horses and bovines with one more rescue van added to its fleet on Monday.



The specially designed large van was donated to the Velachery shelter by the Indian Oil Corporation.



S Vinod Kumaar, general manager of Blue Cross, Chennai, said on an average, the shelter received 32 calls a month to rescue injured cows and buffaloes. “After milking the cattle, the owners let them stray on roads. They get hit or run over by speeding vehicles. Most accidents occur in the night,” he said. “These large animals require a specially designed vehicle fitted with hydraulic lift so the injured bovine can be moved into the vehicle”.



The two other large animal rescue vans owned by Blue Cross are almost a decade old. Vinod said from April 2018 to March this year, a total of 392 injured cattle were rescued by the organisation.




Any one who comes across injured cows or buffaloes can contact Blue Cross rescue helplines at 044-22354959; 22300666 or 22300655.




Source: Times of India, 28 May 2019, Chennai.