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| Last Updated:: 19/06/2019

Birds dropping dead due to heat, lack of water





The blazing heat and the lack of water has affected birds too, with regular visitors to the Perumbakkam marshland looking for alternative sites and small birds dropping dead.



A couple of days ago, Chennaibased birder Vikas Madhav Nagarajan visited the Perumbakkam marshland where he saw a family of purple moore hens sheltering under a prosposis tree instead of the their usual haunt a typha reed beed. The reeds had vanished, he said.



In Andhra Pradesh, heat wave conditions had led to the death of several small birds at Rishi Valley in Chittoor district.



V Santharam of Rishi Valley said that a fortnight ago the temperature in the area was 41 degrees Celsius. “That morning I saw a couple of magpie robins on a tree, happily singing. In the afternoon, as the heat wave swept the area, one of the birds dropped dead,” he said. Santharam further said there had been reports of birds dying due to the soaring temperatures at Ramagundam in Telangana, an area known for recording some of the highest temperature levels in the region.




However, with the temperatures expected to come down, the situation is likely to get better.



Source: Times of India, 19 June 2019, Chennai