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| Last Updated:: 13/07/2019

Assam floods spare no human, animal




Both humans and animals are facing the wrath of floods in Assam where over 8.69 lakh people are affected in 21 districts and floodwater submerged 70 per cent of Kaziranga National Park.



Three people died in the deluge and landsides on Friday, taking the toll to six in the Northeast state. Authorities have set up 68 relief camps which are now providing shelter to 7.643 people displaced by floods.



At Kaziranga, which is a World Heritage site, official sources said, animals, particularly elephants and deer are moving towards neighbouring Karbi Anglong hills. The rhinos are taking shelter on the highlands. Earlier, 33 highlands were created within the national park keeping in mind the floods which are an annual feature in the region.



Äround 70 per cent of the park is flooded. Basically a Brahmaputra area, Biswanath wildlife division is completely submerged. In the eastern Assam wildlife divisions, only Burapahar, Kahora and Bagori ranges are not submerged,”Kaziranga director P Sivakumar said.



Citing delayed monsoon, he said, the flood situation in the park might worsen in the coming days. Ëxcept for the deer and elephants, there is no movement of the other animals towards the hills of Karbi Anglong. If the level of water further increases, they might move to the hills. As of now, there is no scarcity of food for the animals.”



Kaziranga and Karbi Anglong are natural ecosystems, Sivakumar explained. Whenever there is a flood, animals will move to the hilly areas and come down when the flood water recedes.



“We’ve put in place speed limits since Thursday. Barricades are placed at all animal corridors. If there is a mass movement of the animals, we will introduce time limits for vehicles passing through Kaziranga and Karbi Anglong areas,”Sivakumar asserted.




Source: The New Indian Express, 13 July 2019, Chennai.