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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2019

Arrival of migratory birds to Vedanthangal delayed






Arrival of migratory birds at the Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary has been delayed this year. By September, the sanctuary has at least half a dozen species of migratory birds, but this year, four species came a fortnight ago, stayed for a week and left the sanctuary.




Asenior wildlife official told TOI that the Vedanthangal lake has been desilted and deepened in a few places. The work had begun in summer and completed before the onset of rain. At present, the lake has two feet of water. The full capacity of the lake is about 17 feet. The area close to the bund had water when it rained. That’s the place where the desilting and deepening work was done, officials said.




A fortnight ago, open-billed storks, darters and two species of herons had come to the sanctuary. Every year, the open-billed storks are the first ones to arrive, this year, their number was small. A total of about 150 to 200 birds have arrived so far.




In the second sanctuary in Karikili, which is located about 9km from Vedanthangal, migratory duck species would come after covering 6,000km and two continents. Visitors to the sanctuary have been unable to spot these birds in the last few years as the area has been covered with climbers and overgrown branches.




The mounds, which were used by the birds as resting and feeding places, have been cleared. Visitors to Karikili can spot the ducks this year without much difficulty, say officials. The department has kept the sanctuary ready to receive the birds. Last year with no rains, only about 5,000 birds landed in the sanctuary, he added.




 Karikili bird sanctuary, which is located 9km from Vedanthangal, sees migratory ducks every year






Source: The Times of India, 13 September 2019, Chennai.