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| Last Updated:: 02/01/2016

Yana Caves







 Yana is a popular trekking, rock-climbing and adventure destination located about 45 Kms from Sirsi in Uttara Kannada district (Karwar) of Karnataka State. Yana is two awesome peaks of black crystalline limestone peaks jutting into the sky towering above the dense forest cover in the western ghats of Uttar Kannada. One peak stands 400 feet tall and is called Bhairaveshwari Shikhara while the other stands at 300 feet and is called the Mohini Shikhara.



At the base of the Bhairaveshwara shikhara is a cave temple, a natural formation where resides the Lord Shiva. Water drips from the projecting rocks over the linga, and devotees call it Gangodbhava. The cave also has a bronze icon of Chandika, an incarnation of mother Goddess Durga. Trickles from the rocks form a small river, 'Chandihole' which joins the Aghanashini River at Uppinapattana. There is a grand jatra held every year during Shivaratri for 10 days and is attended by around 10,000 people. Devotees are allowed inside the cave only on these days .These peaks have a myth associated with them as to be the place where Lord Vishnu as Mohini killed the Bhasmasura.





Torrential rains in the Western Ghats have eroded these rocks, forming natural caves in their walls. And some of this erosion has led to the formation of eerie looking faces and structures on them.