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| Last Updated:: 21/09/2021

Vadnagar Caves






Vadnagar is a city and a municipality in Mehsana district in   the Indian state of Gujarat.  It was only in 2009 that The Gujarat State Archeological Department discovered remains of a Buddhist monastery and residential caves here. It is said that Hieun-Tsang, a Chinese Buddhist scholar and pilgrim had visited the site in 640 AD. He had chronicled that over 1000 monks and 10 monasteries were flourishing in the region. The site contains remains of several viharas, rock cut caves and other centers.




Taranga Hills

The recent excavations have brought to light a Buddhist Monastery belonging to the 2nd-7th century AD, within the fortified area of Vadnagar. Northeast of the main gate of the fort is a cave where the air is extraordinarily cool. The cave, locally known as Jogida ni Gufa, was found and used by Buddhist monks thousands of years ago. It has Buddhist sculptures carved in stone that resemble the Bodhi Vriksha or Kalpavruksha and other Buddhist motifs.