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| Last Updated:: 09/02/2015

Pretshila Hills




"Pret Shila" Meaning: "Pret Shila" is derived from two Sanskrit word; “Pret” and “Shilla”. “Pret” meaning: when a person die and when its sole become negative in nature or in other words the sole with negation character is known as “Pret”.. And “Shilla” means Rock.  So “Pret Shila” means Hill of Ghost which is regulated by (Yama) god of hell.

The 873 feet long “Pret Shila” Mountain is about 8KM northwest of Gaya and forms one of the sacred places of pilgrimage. On the top of the hill there is a small temple dedicated to “Yama” (The God of death). At the foot of the hill are three tanks named Sati, Nigra and Sukha, and there is a fourth tank called Ramkund on the summit near the temple of Yama, in which it is said that Ram himself bathed. Whoever bathes in this tank is said to have rubbed out his sins, and whoever recites the proper mantras or spells with the usual offerings of Shraddha and Pindas is freed from pain.