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Printed Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Malekal Tirupati hill











Amaragiri Malekal Tirupati Hill is situated near Arsikere in Hassan District of Karnataka and is famous for temple dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara. The temple was built during the Hoysala rule. One has to climb 1300 steps to reach the temple.  The 800-year old temple is an architectural marvel, renowned for its beautiful carvings of the Hoysala era. Atop the hill one can see a stone mantapa.












At the base of the hill is the temple of Lord Govindarajaswamy. The Govindaraja Swamy temple was built by Palegar Thimmappanayaka as he has found the Govindaraja Swamy statue (Vigraha) while constructing a lake to solve the drought problem.





As per mythological stories, the principal deities Srinivasa and Padmanabha were installed by Sage Vasishta Maharishi. It is believed that Lord Rama had visited this temple. Tourists and pilgrims come here in big numbers during the annual festival season.  The Rathotsava festival is celebrated with great pomp and splendour and the idols of Padmanabha and Srinivasa are taken in a chariot.