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The Kollimalai hills in Salemarea near Rasipuram houses a hill temple to Murugan



Subramanyar is enshrined as a hunter in the sanctum, and there are shrines to Shiva, Parvati, Vishnu, Idumban and Vinayakar. The temple is a result of several recent renovatory eforts. On a regular basis, new moon days, the kartikai asterisma, and sashtis attract vcrowds here. Other festivals of importance are Kartikai Deepam, Thai Poosam, Panguni Utthiram, Chitra Pournami and Navaratri

Kollimalai Arappaleeswarar Temple:


The Arappaleeswarar temple in Kollimalai hills near Salem is a very ancient one and it dates back to the period of Appar, who has referred to it in his Kshetra Kovai Tiruttandakam. Arunagirinathar has sung of the Subramanyar shrine here. Kollimalai is also referred to as Madhuvanam, or the forest of the monkey king Sugreevan. This temple is also associated with Matsya Muni - believed to be a Siddha. There are several beliefs associated with the numerous fish in the streams on the hill.

This temple is associated with the ancient Tamil ruler Val Vil Ori, who ruled this region. This temple is held in regard by the tribes of this region and by several around. It is believed that the shrine has the power to bring back to life, severed fish - taken out of the streams flowing on the hill. A three day festival concluding with PathinettaamPerukku in the month of Aadi attracts several here. This temple is home to several fine bronzes. It is also said to have had an exquisite people   chariot