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| Last Updated:: 03/01/2015

Kabuli Bagh Mosque






Name of the place

Kabuli Bagh Mosque





Reason for sanctity

Kabuli Shah Mosque Kabuli Shah Mosque is situated 2 kms away from Panipat and was built by the emporer Barbur. It is named after his wife Kabuli Begum, it was constructed to commemorate his victory over Ibrahim Lodhi. Six years later, when Humayun defeated Salim Shah, he got a platform called Chabutara Fateh Mubarak made around the mosque. The mosque is flanked by chambers on two sides and an inscription in Persian runs along the parapet. The main prayer hall, square on plan has annexes on  the sides and its high façade  is divided in panels is plastered with lime. Each annexe has nine bays, which are crowned with hemispherical domes sitting on low drums. Humayun, after defeating Salim Shah, added a masonry platform known as 'Chabutra-I-Fateh Mubarak'. It bears an inscription dating back to 1527 AD