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Gridhakuta hill, also known as Vulture’s peak is situated near Rajgir. It is surrounded by seven hills and is about 100kms from Patna in the state of Bihar. It derives its importance from its association with Lord Buddha. It forms the central part of Rajgir and there are many beautiful statues of Lord Buddha here. An important attraction is the Shanti stupa (Peace Pagoda) at the summit of the hill built by the Buddhist Sangha of Japan.








Lord Buddha preached many important sermons to his disciples here and delivered two important sutras here, namely the Lotus sutra and Prajnaparamita at this place.  He spent three months in the rainy season here. It is also reputed to be the place where one of the cousins of Lord Buddha had made an attempt on his life. The famous Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang also visited this place.