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| Last Updated:: 04/03/2016

Dinodhar Hill







Dinodhar Hill is located near Nani Aral village, in Nakhatrana Taluka, Kutch District, Gujarat, in India. Dinodhar Hill is a tourist and pilgrimage spot.



Dinodhar Hill, an inactive volcano rising to an elevation of 386 meters, has a temple dedicated to Dharmanath (Dhoramnath) at its peak. Dharmanath, founder of exclusive monastic order, Kanfata (slit-ears), is said to have stood on his head for twelve years as penance for a curse he made.






Atop Dinodhar, one can have spectacular views of the Great Rann and the Chhari Dhandh wetland, especially after a good rain. This area abounds with wildlife and flora and is a trekker destination. At the bottom of Dinodhar Hill stands the 500-year-old Than Monastery belonging to the Kanfata sect