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| Last Updated:: 25/03/2016

Sacred Groves - Arunachal Pradesh







In Arunachal Pradesh, a few of the sacred groves managed by Lamas and the Mompa tribe, are attached to the Buddhist monasteries: they are called Gompa Forest Areas (GFAs). 101 sacred groves have been documented in the state. These sacred groves are dedicated to local deities such as Ubro or Ubram and Thouw-gew. The monasteries with sacred groves are mainly located in West Kameng and Tawang districts of the State. 58 GFAs were reported from these two districts and a few sacred groves from Lower Subansiri and Siang district of the State.


Various ethnic groups have preserved and protected forest patches and even individual trees or animals due to their traditional beliefs and respect for nature. 


Banyan, Pipal, Ashoka, Bela and Harada are among the most commonly found plant species in the sacred groves.




List of Sacred Groves in Arunachal Pradesh

 Arunachal Pradesh

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 Table : 1 Sacred Groves of Arunachal Pradesh



S. No


Name  of Sacred Grove

Area (in Sq.Km.)

District – Papumpare


VIP Colony, Vivek Bihar

Kyong Thervada Gumpa forest


Not Known


Bank Tinali

Siddhartha Vihar Gumpa forest


District – Tawang



Regilling Gumpa forest

Not  Known